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About Us

Christian Music Association, Inc. was founded by Linda Wilson in January of 2001.   Now the organization is run by her, along with her husband Richard, who have each served in Christian music and ministry from very young ages.  They are also the Founders, President and Executive Vice President of Texas Country Music Association, who since it's beginning in 2010 have been active in promoting and supporting the Christian Country Music genre, so much so that two awards are included in the annual Texas Country Music Awards.   

Christian Music Association took several years to prepare as a national -- even worldwide -- venture to help those involved in Christian Music to further their own individual music, ministry, events, services and fan support to reach the "Now Generation" with the Good News and Truth of Jesus Christ.

The Mission of Christian Music Association, Inc.

Christian Music Association's Mission is to be an effective resource in the Christian Music industry to support and promote its artists, songwriters, musicians, churches, broadcast media (radio, podcasts, television and print), and businesses who work behind the scenes to reach the "Now Generation".  Christian Music Association Members are active participants in ministering the message of Jesus Christ by providing support and encouragement to those in all areas of the industry, as well as to fans and supporters who are ministered to through Christian  Music throughout  the US and world.

With the Lord's guidance and your help, it is the goal of Christian Music Association to create an environment that will bring optimal results in advancing the message of Jesus Christ through the promotion and support of Christian Music and all involved.

Biblical Basis

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